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Contact us: 021 566 761 

Sand Blasting & Preparation

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Sand Blasting, the delivery of a high quality finished paint surface requires focus and attention to detail in the pre-paint preparation. This applies to both new painting work and the refurbishment of existing paint solutions.

At Marine Industrial Painters we specialise in the preparation of projects(Sand Blasting) prior to painting. With extensive experience gained undertaking restorative painting work in the marine industry as well as the construction industry, we have techniques that ensure surfaces are well prepared before painting occurs.

Sand Blasting Auckland

We utilise sandblasting, both interior and exterior to provide a clean surface on which new paint can latch. We have techniques to ensure minimal environmental impact when preparing surfaces utilising or specialised sandblasting equipment.

To find out more about our painting preparation and associated painting services, you can contact us using the form available here, or phoning us directly on the number at the top of this page. We are confident you will be satisfied with the outcome we deliver.